Junior Horlicks Assurance

Scientists and nutritional experts at Junior Horlicks know how fussy children can be when it comes to healthy food habits. If your child is a picky/fussy eater, it may lead to gaps in fulfilling their nutritional requirements.

Let us learn how Junior Horlicks can be a part of
your child's growth.


Junior Horlicks


By the age of 5, a child's brain size(weight) will have developed to more than 85% of that of an adult.
Junior Horlicks has DHA and Choline known to help in brain development and function.


Children need a diet with a higher nutrient density than that of an adult. For example, children require one and a half times the iron (per kg body weight)as adults.
Junior Horlicks provides Tailor Made Nutrition+2 for toddlers (2-3 years) and active nursery going children (4-6 years) respectively.