A mother's ally in her child's growth

In early childhood years, toddlers tend to be fussy eaters while nursery going children have a very active schedule. This leads to a need for extra care and nourishment

New Junior Horlicks is a specialized nutrition drink that comes in two stages.

Junior Horlicks - Right start for right growth*

Junior Horlicks Stage 1 For Fussy Toddlers

Junior Horlicks Stage 1 is custom-made with nutrients that are known to be essential for height and healthy weight gain. Junior Horlicks has DHA and Choline important for brain development and the two yummy flavors will leave your child wanting more.

Junior Horlicks Stage 2
For Active Nursery Going Children

Junior Horlicks Stage 2 provides essential nutrients important for growth and development of active nursery going children. Junior Horlicks Stage 2 contains protein and milk calcium that are known to be important for height gain. Nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E, zinc, copper, and selenium present in Junior Horlicks Stage 2 are known to aid healthy immune function.